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Why Are You Sick? Going Beyond Symptoms to the Root Cause

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Why  Are You Sick? Going Beyond Symptoms to the Root Cause is a simple, practical guide to understanding why we get  sick in the first place. It illustrates the connection between the mind and the body to show how what we think and feel affects our physical well-being.   

Using client stories, Why Are You Sick?  offers tools to help the reader not only uncover the root cause to their dis-ease, but gives straightforward steps on how you can be well and whole again. 

Anyone who craves a deeper understanding of how their body is affected by their thoughts and emotions would benefit from reading Why Are You Sick? 

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Perfect introductory or companion guide to holistic healing

"No matter what level of familiarity you have with Reiki healing or alternative medicine, there is something in here to broaden your scope of understanding the WHY of the ailments and obstacles we face. If you have ever been turned off by the approach of western medicine/psychology or some hippy-dippy specialist, I imagine that you will find this book very comforting. Very easy to read, concise and complete descriptions of what you need to know, and logically composed. I myself have dabbled with Reiki healing and have a very basic understanding of our chakra energy system. I have encountered many practitioners and sources of literature on the subjects and I can confidently say that this book provides the most palatable descriptions I have seen of these subtle aspects of our being and the interconnectedness of our true selves with our experiences. Whether you seek healing or simply deeper insight to the true workings of our energetic being, Why Are You Sick? offers gentle direction for further personal exploration and plenty of adequate examples to showcase how these principles may apply to your situation. A very helpful and enojyable read! <3"


Activating the New Age Chakras

We have moved beyond the 7-chakra system into a new system of energy facilitated by what is called the New Age or Transpersonal chakras: Earth Star, Hara, Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway. These higher frequency chakras act as gateways and connection points allowing for deeper connections to the Earth, our past lives, the Stars and the Divine. By simply bringing your attention to these chakras you begin to activate them. By doing so, you begin to step in, more fully, to your Light Body or y

A Message for Empaths

You are not meant to be an emotional punching bag. You were meant to send your love and your heart across the entire globe. This message followed by a guided meditation will unlock your heart potential. It will ground you in the power of YOU. The true, divine, loving YOU that you were always meant to be. 

Grounding Meditation

This guided meditation can help you de-stress, reconnect with your body and spirit and remove negative energy while restoring you to a healthier, happier state of well-being. 

Infinite Heart Offerings

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