Why Are You Sick? Practical Tools for Wellness


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Why  Are You Sick? Practical Tools for Wellness is a simple, practical guide to understanding why we get  sick in the first place. It illustrates the connection between the mind and the body to show how what we think and feel affects our physical well-being.   

Using client stories, Why Are You Sick?  offers tools to help the reader not only uncover the root cause to their dis-ease, but gives straightforward steps on how you can be well and whole again. 

Anyone who craves a deeper understanding of how their body is affected by their thoughts and emotions would benefit from reading Why Are You Sick? 


Reiki for Family Relationships

Our most rewarding and challenging relationships are with our family members. Before we are born, we choose which families we want to be born into.  We select our families for a reason, to grow, to learn and experience different perspectives. Sometimes these relationships can become unhealthy and hurtful.   This meditation uses the act of cord cutting to release us from the negative or lower aspects of our family relationships.  

Reiki for Releasing Fears

Fear is an important instinct. It helps to keep us safe. It only becomes a problem with it prevents us from doing something or being who we are truly meant to be.  In this meditation you will learn how to release your fears and find the strength within yourself to heal. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can turn on your Reiki hands before beginning the meditation.   Write down your fears on a piece of paper and have that paper in your hands during the meditation.   

Reiki for Financial Abundance

Learn how Reiki can help heal lack and remove obstacles to abundance in all areas of your life. 

Reiki for Love Relationships

Learn how to Reiki can help heal old wounds, help you be whole again and ready for a healthy relationship. In this video, we do a healing relationship exercise as well as an Archangel meditation to help us cut cords from past relationships.  

Activating the New Age Chakras

We have moved beyond the 7-chakra system into a new system of energy facilitated by what is called the New Age or Transpersonal chakras: Earth Star, Hara, Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway. These higher frequency chakras act as gateways and connection points allowing for deeper connections to the Earth, our past lives, the Stars and the Divine. By simply bringing your attention to these chakras you begin to activate them. By doing so, you begin to step in, more fully, to your Light Body or y

A Message for Empaths

You are not meant to be an emotional punching bag. You were meant to send your love and your heart across the entire globe. This message followed by a guided meditation will unlock your heart potential. It will ground you in the power of YOU. The true, divine, loving YOU that you were always meant to be. 

Grounding Meditation

This guided meditation can help you de-stress, reconnect with your body and spirit and remove negative energy while restoring you to a healthier, happier state of well-being. 

Infinite Heart Offerings

Still looking for more? We have additional offerings available for the spiritual seeker. Click below to learn more.  

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