Reiki Defined


Reiki Defined

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help alleviate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. It is a way to ‘tune-up’ your energy to it’s healthiest state allowing for healing to take place. Reiki is a gentle and safe healing practice that is geared towards removing any energy blocks in our system caused by emotional, mental or physical stress and pain. During a Reiki Session a practitioner places his or her hands on the client with the intention of the Reiki Energy to flow. This Reiki energy, also known as the Universal Life Force Energy, is not the practitioner's energy. It is a divinely guided energy that knows exactly where the blocks are and pushes them out as well as fills up the energy gas tanks wherever you are low in energy. And because Reiki does not use the practitioner's energy it is safe for both the practitioner as well as the Reiki recipient. You do not run the risk of absorbing the practitioner's energy and vice versa. During a session a person may feel heat, tingling or cooling sensations as blocks are removed. Most all clients get to a deep state of peace and relaxation during a session.

Reiki Benefits

  • Reduction in chronic pain and stress
  • Clarity into why illness develops in the first place
  • Clears, charges and balances chakras and auras
  • Helps to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments
  • Helps to relieve addictions and ease the physical withdrawals felt from chemical dependencies
  • Removes negative energy and entities
  • Cuts chords of negative attachments
  • Heals across time, distance and space including past life and karmic issues
  • Helps to increase intuition and psychic abilities
  • Helps one become whole again

Reiki Sessions

When you book a Reiki session you are taking a significant step towards your overall well-being. Reiki requires the participant to be open to accept the healing and guidance that is given to them. For every session, we strive to shed light on the source of the issue and provide specific guidance for each individual situation. Every client walks away with a deeper understanding of themselves and what steps they can take to help them move forward on their path.

Before your session 

When you enter the center you are asked to leave your shoes at the door. There are a few reasons for this, the first is practical, we have light colored carpets and second, when you leave your shoes at the door it is as if you are leaving the cares of the world at the door. Next, you will be asked to fill out the in-take form which will include your intentions for the session. Next, there is a brief consultation where we will talk about what you would like to get out of the session. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Reiki, my background or what you may expect during the session.

During the session 

You will be escorted into the treatment room where there will be a massage table, soothing music and the sound of running water. You will remain fully clothed during the session.  You will be asked to remove shoes, wallets, hats, glasses and belts. Typically you will first lie on your back and we will place a covering over your eyes to help you relax. You may feel a slight touch as the practitioner's hands gently lay on or over parts of your body. During a session some clients may feel heat or cooling, some might feel tingling, some might not feel anything at all. Almost all, feel a deep sense of relaxation that permeates their whole being. Some clients experience different levels of release during the session. This can arise as tears, pressure, shaking, memories or pain. This is a natural process of releasing from the body and a sign that deep healing is taking place.

After the session 

You will be asked to take a few minutes to re-awaken to your surroundings. You will be provided with water to help you flush out your system and asked to fill out another form on how you felt during and after the session. Once done, we will discuss what we each felt, what that means to your overall well-being and the next steps you can take on your own to become more whole, happy and healthy. This is a critical piece to the healing process as it allows for powerful insights to be shared, maintain an open mind and take with you whatever resonates with you.

Additional Resources

 If you would like to learn more about Reiki, I would encourage you to visit the following sites:

I also host Reiki Healing Nights the last Saturday of each month which is an open discussion of Reiki, it's affects and benefits, it's origins and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.  

California Disclaimer

Per California State Law SB 577: Francie Soito is not a licensed physician. REIKI is a complement to 'healing arts services licensed by the State', i.e., it is a complement to more traditional western medicine provided by doctors, nurses and hospitals. As a complementary or alternative medicine, REIKI does not require licensing by the state of California.

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