Spirit Connections


Mediumship Readings

Connect with loved ones from the other side. In this session, Francie will reach out to loved ones that wish to connect with you. You might not always hear from who you would expect but you will hear from those that have a message for you or a loved one. Bring an open mind and an open heart. 

How to Prepare:

 Before your reading, reach out to the loved ones that you wish to connect with. Ask them to come through clearly during your appointment. You might meditate on a picture or an object of theirs beforehand. You are also free to record the call and take notes throughout the session.  

Soul Readings

In a soul reading session, you will gain insight into your current life's purpose, themes on your soul's journey from past lives and areas where your soul is seeking growth and expansion. 

Group Readings

If you would like to schedule a private, group reading  of  up to 8 people please reach out to Francie directly. 


Francie has trained and studied with Leanne Thomas, Gordon Smith, Tony Stockwell and Simone Key

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